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The Most Accurate Fantasy Football Simulation Game

Our Mission ...

Our Mission is to provide sports fans and sports enthusiasts around the world with incredibly fun and unique simulated sports games.

Our Methods ...

We've taken the most statistically accurate football simulation engine and added a live draft, customizable game plans, player career development, free agency and made the most fun and addictive game...ever!

Our History ...

Steve Olson and David Holt have taken their love for football and turned it into a website,, where sports fans gather to run their own virtual football teams and compete against each other in a 32-team league. It�s the ultimate website for football fans who have ever dreamed of owning or coaching a professional sports team.

The story of how the two came to be partners is pretty amazing. When Steve was in college he found a computer game called �NFL Pro-League Football� by Micro Sports and bought it. Soon he and his friends were hooked on it.

�The game had historical data from 1950 to 1989, then the current season, and you could pick your favorite historical teams and play them against each other. It was the best football game I�ve ever seen � it mirrored the NFL perfectly,� Steve says.

Holt was the inventor of �NFL Pro-League Football,� and he went on to work with IBM and several other companies, putting together other sports-oriented games. After many successful years, IBM left game publishing in the mid-90s and David lost his publisher. He found himself back at square one, but David never stopped coming up with new ideas.

In the meantime, Steve and his buddies � who were out of college by this time � continued to play Holt�s original game. Over the years they added different elements and had transformed it into a league where the team owners could make trades and participate in drafts. Steve and his friends also factored in how players were injured, how they aged and when they retired.

Olson explains the catalyst for starting �One day my sister-in-law, Dana, said to me, �Why don�t you see if you can turn this game you love into a business?� The light bulb went on and I knew that was what I needed to do.�

Steve immediately tracked down David and told him about his idea of setting up an internet site based on Holt�s original football game, adding Steve�s new franchise elements. The two became partners.

�I was so thrilled when Steve called,� David says. �I could tell he had the same passion that I have, and we hit it off that day, that quick. I felt like he was my brother � it was just like I�d been waiting on his phone call.�

Steve and David also found they shared another passion...their faith in Jesus Christ. "David's original game had banners displaying John 3:16 during the game play," Steve said, "and he had several references to his faith throughout the game menus. That was always very meaningful to me and I pray that we can use this current game as an expression of our faith in Jesus Christ."

"The Lord brought us together for a reason," David continued. "Jesus is so great. He has allowed us to use the gifts he gave us to create a product we are both passionate about and use it to glorify Him."

Our Team ...

  • Steve Olson, Executive Producer
  • David Holt, Lead Designer
  • Alan Stephenson, Senior Programmer
  • Keith Mickelson, Web Developer
  • Robert Lewis, Art Director
  • Mike Gibrall, Statistician/Consultant
  • Cara Olson, Marketing Director
  • Shawn Kroeckel, Assistant Producer

  • The Ultimate In Online Sports!

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