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What is SportSims?

Do you think you can manage a professional football team better than the guys who do? Here's your chance! SportSims allows you to act as the owner, general manager and coach of your own football team. Start your football franchise in your choice of 32 cities. Draft players in the live SimDraft. Send them to Training Camp. Customize your game plan. Lead your team into every game of a 16-game season and perhaps to the playoffs or even the SimBowl. Endure player injuries and retirements. Then do it all over again year after year to build your football dynasty!
  The Pre-Draft Phase

The Pre-Draft Phase of the game lasts four days. During this time, you can view the Draft Order, scout players, create your own Draft Plan and make trades. The Draft Order page displays just that.the order in which you and the 31 other teams will draft in the next Live SimDraft. Use the Draft List to scout players in the draft. Your Draft Plan allows you to select what player or position to target in the SimDraft; you can create it yourself or have the CPU help you. Trade with any (or ALL) of the 31 other team owners in your league to obtain players or draft picks. Trade offers may be accepted or declined or a counteroffer proposed. Your options are limitless!

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  The Live-Draft

Where can you acquire new talent for your team? In the Live SimDraft! The SimDraft takes place on a Sunday - you'll be online with other owners drafting in Real Time. View the draft order, the draft list and sort players by position during the Live Draft to help make a draft selection. The draft clock displays how much time each team has remaining to make a selection. You can draft players yourself, or you may choose to allow the CPU to draft for you.

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  Training Camp

Will you focus on improving your stars' skills, work on your rookies, or balance both? It's up to you! Over the two days of Training Camp, you determine how much training each player will get. Assign each position and player with "reps" that will improve his performance. Training camp increases each player's experience and durability ratings. But beware, the more reps a player has will increase their chance of getting injured during training camp.

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  Finalize Your Roster

After you've made trades, drafted players and gone through training camp, it's time to finalize your roster! After training camp, you will learn how many players must be cut from your team. Then, you set up your starters and your game plan. Create your Game Plan from scratch (How much will you run? How much will you pass? Who gets the ball? Etc.), or select a Game Plan Template (like the West Coast Offense, for example).

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The payoff. your team is ready for the field! Each 16-game season lasts 16 days. Choose to watch each game in its entirety, view the QuickSim (tracking the game's progression in mere seconds), or get the boxscore. The statistics and records for your league can be viewed any time during the season. If you suffer an injury to a player(s) on your team and you wish to replace him, consult the free agent list to acquire a player. The next Draft List is released on the same day as Game 1 so you can get a 'jump-start' on scouting the players available in the next draft.

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  Game Animation

Coming Soon! We'll be adding animation so you can watch your game, play by play. See the players you drafted and trained run your customized game plan in your city's stadium (unless, of course, you're the visitor!).

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  Playoff Brackets

Will your hard work pay off? Take your team to the Playoffs... and the SimBowl if you're talented (or lucky) enough. Make it to the playoffs and get $1 off your next season. Make it to the SimBowl and take $4 off your next season. Win the SimBowl and get a FREE season! After the season, you will receive a report of the players who have retired from your team. That way, you can prepare for the next season's draft and try for another championship!

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  Sign Up!

Coming Soon! Membership to SportSims is FREE so you can find out for yourself how SportSims will be the most fun and accurate sports game you play... ever! Enter your E-mail address so we can notify you when the game goes live!

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