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2/6/2007�s Super Bowl Predictions Mirror Reality

Many of�s Super Bowl XLI predictions and final game statistics were scarily accurate when looking at the final trends and statistics from the Indianapolis Colts� 29-17 win over the Chicago Bears Sunday night.

�While no one�s prediction can be 100% dead on, a dozen of our results of the representative simulated Colts-Bears game mirrored the actual stats,� said David Holt, who developed the software program used by �Our simulation engine produced as close to the actual result, better than any other software could�ve.�

The simulation engine used for�s Super Bowl prediction is also used in its online football game.

Here are some of the�s predictions and the actual Super Bowl XLI trends and statistics:

� After 20,000 simulations, predicted that the Colts would win 61.8 percent of the time by an average score of 35-23 � a 12-point differential. In the actual game, the Colts won with a 12-point differential: 29-17.

� SportSims predicted that the Colts would score 17 unanswered points to cinch the win and they scored 16 unanswered points in the actual game to clinch it.

� SportSims� simulation predicted 4 turnovers in the first quarter. There were actually 3 in the first quarter � with a 4th turnover coming in the first play of the second quarter.

� The turnover differential was predicted to be Colts +2, and it was in fact Colts +2.

� The representative game for SportSims prediction was 30-24 � actual score: 29-17.

� SportSims predicted Marvin Harrison�s catches: 5 catches for 46 yards; actual: 5 catches for 59 yards.

� SportSims predicted that the Bears would only sack Manning once and that Mark Anderson would get it. In the actual game, the Bears only had one sack and Anderson was credited with � (shared with Tank Johnson).

� TE Desmond Clark was predicted to lead the Bears in receptions and he did.

� Peyton Manning played very close to SportSims prediction: 20 Completions, 29 attempts, 2 INTs for 209 yards, 1 TD for 69% completion percentage. Actual � 25 completions, 38 attempts, 1 INT for 247 yards and 1 TD for 66% completion percentage

� SportSims predicted Grossman having a high pass completion percentage with 67%; he actually completed 71% of his passes in the Super Bowl.

� SportSims predicted Manning to be Super Bowl MVP and he was. is a unique online sports simulation game site where users to have total control over their own franchise football team, and compete against other people using customized game plans, team management and a live draft. Each month-long season consists of a full off-season (trading, a live draft and training camp), a 16-game schedule and the playoffs.
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