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What exactly is Sportsims simulated football? According to Wikipedia, simulated football is a new league type variation of the traditional fantasy football. Unlike regular simulated football where a computer is used to simulate the games with simulated players instead of relying on the NFL for its players and stats, SportSims Simulated football uses real NFL players and real stats for its games. You are able to draft rookies online in real time, manage, coach and watch the game's progression drive by drive. No other online fantasy football game offers these benefits!

Fantasy Football
SportSims' season never ends - play every day, all year long. Fantasy Football's season is limited to five months.
Watch animated, simulated games online and view each game's detailed stats. No actual Fantasy game is played.
Start a SportSims season at any time. New leagues launch every Wednesday. Fantasy Football only begins in August.  If a player misses the entry window, he must wait until the next year to play.
Complete a full season every month, with Front Office activities or Games each day. One Fantasy Football season takes a whole year, with an entire week between games.
In real-time online, SportSims' Owners draft rookies every month in the SimDraft. Fantasy drafts occur once per year.
SportSims' Owner success is determined by simulated gridiron matchups. Fantasy success is determined by a point system.
SportSims' Owners dictate how each player is used on the field with a depth chart and GamePlan. Fantasy play allows no control over how a player is used on the field, who starts or how much he plays.
SportSims is the ultimate Keeper/Dynasty league; all players age and stay on your Roster from season to season. When starting a new season, Fantasy play requires giving up some (or all) players and waiting many months to acquire new ones.
SportSims uses pro football player's stats from each year between 1950 and 2007. Fantasy Football relies solely on the current season's stats and players.
SportSims' Owners compile an offensive line and defense by individual player. Fantasy play often restricts offensive line and defensive selections by unit/team.

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