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01/08/2009, an online dynasty football franchise simulation, predicts this week’s winning NFL Playoff Teams using their technologically advanced simulation engine.

Four NFL playoff games will be played this weekend: the Philadelphia Eagles at the New York Giants, the Arizona Cardinals at the Carolina Panthers, the San Diego Chargers at the Pittsburg Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens at the Tennessee Titans. According to, the Giants, Panthers, Steelers and Ravens will all be celebrating hard-won defensive victories this weekend.

“It will be a great weekend of football, especially if you love defense,” said Steve Olson, president of “Each game features a top NFL defense.” projects the results by simulating each of the upcoming games 100,000 times using the simulation engine from’s online Franchise Football game.’s SimEngine uses the actual stats from each team and uses them to calculate each of the individual matchups in the game, producing the most accurate results possible.

Giants vs. Eagles. In 100,000 simulations, predicts that the Giants will win their matchup 51.1% of the time, the closest game this weekend, against the Eagles. With a final score of 23-17, the key to the Giants’ game is a healthy, productive Brandon Jacobs. Jacobs, running back, is named MVP on the strength of his running game, with 22 attempts for 112 yards. The entire Giants defensive unit played well and had three sacks and two interceptions on Donovan McNabb. McNabb still gets passing honors for completing 20 of 42 (47.6%) for 264 yards and one touchdown. Top receiving honors go to the Eagles’ DeSean Jackson who caught five passes for 96 yards and one touchdown.

Cardinals vs. Panthers. According to, in the simulated matchup between the Cardinals and the Panthers, the Panthers won 59.7% of the time by a final score of 27-20. After 100,000 simulations, the top rusher for the game was the Panthers’ DeAngelo Williams with 20 attempts for 95 yards. The Panther’s rushing game is the key to the entire game: if the Panthers turn it on, they will be unstoppable and could produce a blowout. Top defensive honors go to the Panthers’ Julius Peppers with two sacks. The top passer in the game was the Cardinals’ Kurt Warner who was 24 of 39 (61.5%) for 267 yards and one touchdown. Larry Fitzgerald had 7 receptions for 127 yards and one touchdown and earned top receiver honors.

Steelers vs. Chargers. predicts that the Steelers will win their matchup 53.4% of the time against the Chargers in 100,000 simulations of the game. With a final score of 17-13, the key to the Steelers’ victory is their spectacular defense. Top receiving honors go to the Steelers’ Heinz Ward who caught six passes for 97 yards. James Harrison wins defensive honors for his performance with four tackles and two sacks. Philip Rivers, even though the Chargers lost, still gets passing honors for completing 13 of 27 (48.1%) for 209 yards and one touchdown. Rushing honors go to the Chargers’ Darren Sproles for 12 attempts for 65 yards.

Ravens vs. Titans. In the simulated matchup between the Ravens and the Titans, determines that the Ravens won 55.4% of the time by a final score of 17-9. The key to the game is the Ravens’ defense: keeping the Titans from scoring touchdowns and forcing three turnovers will secure a Ravens victory. The Ravens’ Ed Reed continues to play exceptionally with six tackles, one sack and an interception. The top rusher for the game in 100,000 simulations was the Ravens’ Le’Ron McClain with 19 attempts for 77 yards. Derrick Mason had six receptions for 60 yards. The top passer in the game was Joe Flacco who was 16 of 33 (48.5%) for 152 yards., a unique online sports simulation, allows subscribers to compete against other people in dynasty franchise football seasons using customized game plans, team management, trading and a state-of-the-art Live Draft.’s NFL playoff predictions are for entertainment only and not for gambling purposes. Visit to view’s weekly Fantasy Football SIMvp picks, playoff game predictions and past predictions.