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Take a look at how we’re revolutionizing online simulated football gaming!

Haven’t quite made up your mind to join us? Then let us show you how easy it is with SportSims to fulfill your dreams of football glory!

Our Photo Gallery and Video Gallery - either one - will give you a good, quick overview of what the game looks like, how it’s organized, and how you navigate through its various stages. For instance, you’ll see how to …

  • set up your account
  • join a league
  • use our state-of-the-art live SimDraft to acquire awesome talent for your
    team - in real time
  • manage your team, evaluating your player’s abilities, developing talent, setting your lineups, and making trades
  • select from several popular templates and deploy a GamePlan that best reflects the skills of your players
  • create a customized GamePlan of your own to maximize your players’ talents and take control of your offense (using one of our GamePlan templates as a “jumping off” point)
  • play a full 16-game football season and playoffs - watching them all from your easy chair (with QuickSim tracking each game’s progression and displaying what happens, drive by drive, on the SportSims Scoreboard)

Go ahead. Take a look. See it in action beforehand, then give it a go! You’re gonna love SportSims!


And if you need more help? Review our Strategy Manual. Or Contact SportSims and talk with one of our Support Specialists. We’re here to help you get the most out of what our players call the ultimate in online simulated football!