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Once you create a SportSims account, you can immediately choose one of 32 cities to house your new pro football franchise.  You'll start with a full roster of NFL Legends from 1950 through 2009 drawn from our database of nearly 11,000 NFL players.  A SportSims season is 28-days, so each month is equivalent to a full NFL season - which includes drafting rookies online in real time, making trades with other owners, customizing your game plan, coaching your team and watching each game's progression, play by play or drive by drive
Check out our Video Gallery or Photo Gallery to learn more. is a unique and dynamic online multiplayer pro football simulation. We draw a diverse group to the site: from NFL football fans, to football gamers, to football stat lovers and all stops in between.  This game empowers people.  It allows those with a common love of football to realize their dream of owning, managing and coaching their own professional football franchise.  Get your cleates wet in the Salary Leagues or try your hand at our Dynasty Leagues.
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