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Video Gallery

Video tutorials are posted here in a number of topics.  For best playback quality, view these videos in 720HD or 1080HD.  How? Select a higher resolution once the video starts playing by clicking on the number (probably 480P) to the left of the YouTube logo on the bottom right-hand side of the video frame.  Choose either of the HD options. 

This is a preview of the Game Animation.

Click this video tutorial on how to get a team. 
Click for a video tutorial on making a trade.
View the tutorial on scouting the Draft and setting up a HotList.
This video illustrates how the LIVE Draft works,
This video tutorial explains how Training Camp works.
This video tutorial explains how you Finalize your Roster.
This video tutorial explains how you set up your Depth Chart.
Watch this video tutorial on setting up your GamePlan.
Want to learn about bidding on Free Agents?  Watch this tutorial.
This video illustrates what you see on the Game Results page.
Here's a tutorial on how to add SimPoints to your account.