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Game Tips

Remember: It's 8-Stars, not 8-100s
Do You Have Your Stars in the Right Position?
Quarterbacks are #1
The Power of Quarterbacks
What Stars Do I Need for Running the Ball?
What Stars Do I Need for Passing the Ball?
What Stars Do I Need for a 4-3?
What Stars Do I Need for a 3-4 Defense?
Key 8 Star Tip
Team Building - Player Order
Team Building - Part 2
How Long Does a Rebuild Take?
ALL Draft Picks Are Important
Hoarding Doesn't Make You Better
Use the 8 Star works!
How many Carries can my RB handle?
Build a Balanced Team
Injuries are part of football...plan for them
What is more important, Current Rating or Player Info Ratings?
After my 8 Stars, how good do my starters need to be?
My team was better. Why did I lose?
Want to run? Get a top shelf RB.
Keep 3rd down in mind when setting your Offensive Gameplan
50/50 offense equals no consistency
Can teams with lesser ratings upset better teams?
How does Exeriance affect player development?
Do I draft the best player or for need?
Stats Lie
1st and 10 determines what type of offense you run
If you are a SimBowl caliber team, then Trade your pick for developed players.
When you rebuild...REBUILD
How do I stop the Inside runs?
How do I stop Outside Runs?
Don't be afraid to ask your fellow Owners questions
Don't draft a player earlier than you need to.
Draft 95 Stars instead of 100 in another position.
Once you have your 8 Stars, then draft Best Availible
Draft Players that improve you the most
100 Players tilt the field
Don't draft Special Team too early
What do I do if I can't draft a Star I need?
Try to keep your 8 Stars ages as close as possiible
Match your Talent to your Gameplan
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