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SportSims is the ultimate online simulated football game!

You know you’ve thought it: “I can manage a professional football team better than this or that guy who already does!”

Well, here’s your chance!

SportSims online simulated football lets you …

  • become owner, general manager, and coach of your very own football team
  • choose from among 32 cities in which to start your football franchise
  • draft your players live, in real time, via SimDraft
  • send your players to training camp
  • customize your game plan
  • lead your team into every game of a 16-game season and maybe the
    playoffs - or even the SportSims SuperBowl, the “SimBowl”!
  • handle such real-life situations as player injuries and retirements
  • and do it all over again, year after year, to build your football dynasty!

Features like these are what make SportSims online simulated football so true to life, so addictive - and so fun:

  • NFL Legends - have the legends play for you! More than 11,000 pro football players are in our Player Pool.
  • The Pre-Draft Phase - where you view the Draft Order, scout players, create your own Draft Plan, and make trades
  • The Live Draft - where you’re online with other owners drafting players in real time via SimDraft
  • Training Camp - where you decide just how much and what kind of training each of your players gets
  • Roster Finalization - where you determine who gets cut from your team, set up your starters, and customize your game plan
  • Box Score - where you can either watch each game in its entirety, view a game’s drive by drive progression via QuickSim, or get the Boxscore
  • Game Animation - a new feature that lets you watch each game play by play
  • Playoff Brackets - where your team could progress from the playoffs to the SimBowl … if it’s talented (or lucky!) enough

You can choose from two modes of SportSims play, too:

Dynasty Leagues
This is our “original” franchise football dynasty game that lets you select your team, draft, trade, and train players, and play a 16-game season plus playoffs. It's the ultimate "keeper" league - you keep your talent until they retire or you trade them away.  Build your Dynasty, your way.
Salary Leagues
The Salary League has all the exciting features of the Dynasty Leagues, but with a cool twist. You can instantly change the makeup of your team by signing Free Agents. But stay under the Salary Cap - remember, you're the one signing the checks.
So, come on! What are you waiting for? Live out that football dream of yours - with SportSims!

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