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Salary Leagues


The Salary Leagues have all the exciting features of the Dynasty Leagues, but with a cool twist. You can instantly change the makeup of your team by signing Free Agents. But stay under the Salary Cap - remember, you're the one signing the checks.

  • More Features; Instant Gratification.  Even with all the added features, the Salary League is a quick and easy way to dive right into the game and get your cleats wet. 
  • Flexibility. Don't love your team? Give it an instant makeover with Free Agency and Trading to get the team you want.
  • Bid on Free Agents. Bid on players in the Free Agent Player Pool to come play for your team. The highest bid wins.
  • Salary Cap. Test your skill in creating a powerhouse team under a Salary Cap.
  • Pay Player Salaries.  You get to decide how many SimPoints you're willing to pay your players.
So, come on! What are you waiting for? Live out that football dream of yours - with SportSims!

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