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The Live Draft

The Live Draft is a technological feat - the first of its kind developed for the Internet. You and the other 31 Owners in your League participate in real-time player selection, just like being at Radio City Music Hall in April!     
  • Make Trades. Create trades with other Owners, even throughout the Draft.
  • Edit Your HotList and Draft Plan.   Add or subtract players from the HotList or positions from the Draft Plan at any time.
  • Make Picks.  When you’re “on the clock” you’ve got 90 seconds to draft your selection.
  • Let Your HotList Draft. If you’ll be away from the computer, your HotList knows exactly who to take.
  • View Everyone’s Picks. See which players are drafted by which teams.


So, come on! What are you waiting for? Live out that football dream of yours - with SportSims!

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