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Box Score

You want football stats?  We've got football stats!  When each game is simulated, a full compliment of stats is produced.  Here's what you'll find:
  • Drive Summary and Play-by-Play.  Whew. There's a lot of info here: it's an incredibly detailed recounting of the game... down to the weather.
  • Overall Box Score. It's the down-and-dirty recap of what happened in the game.
  • Scoring by Quarter. Who scored what and when.
  • Individual Offense. A detailed account of how your offensive squad performed.
  • Individual Defense. A detailed account of how your defensive squad performed.
  • Special Teams. A detailed account of how your special teams performed.
  • Scouting Report. Just like breaking down game film, the Scouting Report provides information about your opponent's game strategies.


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