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05/21/2009, an online franchise football simulation site, announced today that it is releasing its first Premium Football Game with the introduction of Salary Leagues. These highly anticipated new leagues will launch June, 2009.

“We are very excited to let sports fans get their hands on our new Salary Leagues, which our current members helped create,” said Steve Olson, president of “Salary caps and player contracts were the most requested features by our members, so we are proud to release an exclusive new game built specifically for gamers who want the additional challenge of salary cap management.”

Olson added, “We also are eager for our people to see our Ebay-style bidding for Free Agents.” Player auctions will be thrilling and very competitive, especially for popular players, and Owners will have a minimum of 24 hours to place a maximum bid on players for their team.

The Salary Leagues in’s Premium Football Game features one of the most unique salary cap systems ever created. Owners will manage their team’s salary cap and player salaries using real money, adding a strategic element to trading, cutting and drafting players or signing free agents. With a salary cap of four dollars and individual player values ranging from less than one cent to one dollar, each Owner is in complete control of how he will structure his team.

The Salary Leagues will join the incredibly popular free Classic Game which received a 9-out-of-10 rating from For more about Franchise Football Simulations, log on to