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How does the Hotlist and Draft Plan work?

These list are used when you do not make a manual pick in the LIVE Draft. The two lists do not work together, they are separate processes.

With the Hotlist you can set up your draft board with players you would like to draft and you can rank them in the order you would take them in.

With the Draft Plan, you can set up a more general draft board. Here you can rank your position needs and designate the talent level you are looking for at each position.

When the team's timer runs out the Draft Picker follows the following steps:

1. Check for Manual pick, if none then...

2. Check for Highest Player on your Hotlist. If no players (left) on Hotlist, then...

3. Uses Draft Plan looking for highest match of Players left in Draft Pool.

Each of the these steps are independent of one another.
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