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Gators Come From Behind To Win

01/07/2009 used its technologically advanced simulation engine to predict the Bowl Championship Series game and player performances. projects the results by simulating the upcoming game between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Florida Gators 100,000 times using the simulation engine from’s online Franchise Football game.’s SimEngine uses the actual stats from both teams and uses them to calculate each of the individual matchups in the game, producing the most accurate results possible. calculated that the Gators, coming from 11 points behind in the 4th quarter, will win the BCS Championship with a score of 38-35 over the Sooners.

Playing the game in Miami, Florida gives the Gators a distinct advantage and is a key factor in the Gators’ win. After 100,000 simulations, the Gators win 52.4% of the time compared to the 47.6% that the Sooners win.

Both teams have great rushing games. The Sooners’ Chris Brown lights up the field with 19 attempts for 155 yards and two touchdowns. The Gators’ Percy Harvin runs well with 9 attempts for 101 yards and one rushing touchdown and has three catches for 59 yards and one passing touchdown. Top receiving honors for the Sooners goes to Juaquin Iglesias with four catches for 97 yards.

The key for Oklahoma to pull an upset is their strong pass rush. The Sooners average nearly four sacks per game in the simulated games - they get six sacks in games they win and only two sacks in games they lose. In this matchup, the Sooners get five sacks.

Both quarterbacks have remarkable games. The Sooners’ Sam Bradford, this year’s Heisman Trophy winner, is projected to go 22 of 33 (66.7%) for 334 yards and three touchdowns. Tim Tebow, last year’s Heisman Trophy winner, connects on 13 of 19 (68.4%) passes for 292 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Gators comeback victory.
In the simulation, a truly remarkable anomaly emerged. While the average score was Florida - 37.8 and Oklahoma - 34.7, there were high instances of blowout games (wins by more than 20 points) for both the Gators and Sooners. “In more than 20 years of simulating football games, I have never seen this many blowouts - especially for both teams,” said David Holt of “But with two powerful offenses like these, it does make sense.”’s BCS Championship prediction is for entertainment only and not for gambling purposes. Visit

Scoring Summary
1st Quarter
OK 11:16 TD Chris Brown 2 yd. run (Stevens kick) 7-0
FL 8:01 TD Jeffery Demps 16 yd. pass from Tebow (Phillips kick) 7-7
OK 0:11 TD Manuel Johnson 15 yd. pass from Bradford (Stevens kick) 14-7
2nd Quarter
OK 9:44 TD Quentin Chaney 15 yd. pass from Bradford (Stevens kick) 21-7
FL 3:05 TD Riley Cooper 2 yd. pass from Tebow (Phillips kick) 21-14
3rd Quarter
FL 14:38 TD Percy Harvin 70 yd. run (Phillips kick) 21-21
FL 7:25 FG Jonathan Phillips 38 yds. 21-24
OK 5:39 TD Jermaine Gresham 54 yd. pass from Bradford (Stevens kick) 28-24
OK 2:47 TD Chris Brown 2 yd. run (Stevens kick) 35-24
4th Quarter
FL 11:36 TD Emmanuel Moody 47 yd. run (Phillips kick) 35-31
FL 0:40 TD Percy Harvin 9 yd. pass from Tebow (Phillips kick) 35-38