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SportSims Announcements

SimPoint Pricing and Dynasty League Multi-Team Rates.

are the official currency of  SimPoints allow you to pay for Dynasty League seasons as well as paying player salaries in the Salary Leagues. Beginning Tuesday, February 22, a full Dynasty League season costs 125 SimPoints, which can be as inexpensive as $3.   The chart below illustrates the cost structure for playing a dynasty football simulation at SportSims.


SimPoints Price
25 SimPoints $1.00
125 SimPoints $4.50
300 SimPoints $10.00
1000 SimPoints $28.00
2500 SimPoints (Best Value!) $60.00
DYNASTY LEAGUE MULTI-TEAM RATES.  For team Owners who wish to have more than one team, SportSims has established Dynasty League Multi-Team Rates.  The more you play, the better the deal!  For each additional Dynasty team you acquire (up to five), your cost per team is significantly reduced. 

SimPoints per Team

Price per Team*

1 Team   125


2 Teams 



3 Teams



4 Teams



5 Teams



* Price per Team is calculated based on the purchase of a 2500 SimPoint Package and applies only to the Dynasty Leagues.
SALARY LEAGUE RATES.  With the rollout of the new pricing structure, the Salary Leagues will experience no change.  You will continue to pay your players' salaries directly with SimPoints. 
Upcoming SportSims Enhancements
SportSims announced that over the next several months, Owners can expect many enhancements to  They are proud to announce the following upgrades or features to the SportSims game site:
  • LIVE Draft Browser Compatibility with Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. (This was completed on 2-18-11.)
  • Full Broswer Compatibility site-wide with Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome.
  • Watch My Game. This spring you can watch your game unfold play-by-play in a visual format. View a Sneak Peek of the animation on either the Features page or the Game Launch page.
  • Sortable Stats. On the League Leaders page this spring, each stat category column will be sortable.
  • SimEngine Upgrades. A new version of the SimEngine will be released ths spring. It will include many new upgrades like the ability to run HB2, crediting LBs with all of their sacks, tracking individual fumbles, and allowing longer pass routes for WR3, among other improvements.
  • Trade Roster Page. This summer we will make improvement to the Trade Roster page to make it easier to create trades with other Owners.
  • New Page to Search Individual Players. This summer, we're going to release a new page that will enable you to search and scout your entire league for players. Search the Free Agent pool and Team Rosters.
  • Draft Pool Scouting. This summer we're adding the ability to sort and filter results in the rookie draft pool by what's important to you to make scouting the draft easier.