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SportSims Lists 2010 NFL Draft Pick Projections

04/19/2010, an online Franchise Football simulation game, has released their Ideal Draft Pick selections for the 2010 NFL Draft. By using the technologically advanced Draft Routines created by’s President, Steve Olson, is able to determine the needs of each team and fulfill those needs with talent in the draft.

Olson says, “This list is not a mock draft - we are not trying to predict who each team will take. This is an illustration of each team’s Ideal Pick based on their current needs.”

2010 NFL Draft

1. St. Louis’ Ideal Pick - QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma

2. Detroit’s Ideal Pick - OL Russell Okung, Oklahoma State

3. Tampa Bay’s Ideal Pick - OL Trent Williams, Oklahoma

4. Washington’s* Ideal Pick - QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame

5. Kansas City’s Ideal Pick - RB C.J. Spiller, Clemson

6. Seattle’s Ideal Draft Pick - RB Jahvid Best, California

7. Cleveland’s Ideal Draft Pick - LB Rolando McClain, Alabama

8. Oakland's Ideal Draft Pick - DB Eric Berry, Tennessee

9. Buffalo’s Ideal Draft Pick - OL Bryan Bulaga, Iowa

10. Jacksonville’s Ideal Draft Pick - LB Brandon Spikes, Florida

11. Denver’s Ideal Draft Pick - DB Taylor Mays, USC

12. Miami’s Ideal Draft Pick - DB Earl Thomas, Texas

13. San Francisco’s Ideal Draft Pick - LB Sergio Kindle, Texas

14. Seattle’s Ideal Draft Pick - DL Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska

15. Giants’ Ideal Draft Pick - LB Jerry Hughes, TCU

16. Tennessee’s Ideal Draft Pick - DL Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma

17. San Francisco’s Ideal Draft Pick - OL Maurkice Pouncey, Florida

18. Pittsburgh’s Ideal Draft Pick - OL Mike Iupati, Idaho

19. Atlanta’s Ideal Draft Pick - DB Joe Haden, Florida

20. Houston’s Ideal Draft Pick - DB Nathaniel Allen, South Florida

21. Cincinnati’s Ideal Draft Pick - OL Anthony Davis, Rutgers

22. New England’s Ideal Draft Pick - LB Brandon Graham, Michigan

23. Green Bay’s Ideal Draft Pick - WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State

24. Philadelphia’s Ideal Draft Pick - LB Sean Weatherspoon, Mississippi

25. Baltimore’s Ideal Draft Pick - OL Bruce Campbell, Maryland

26. Arizona’s Ideal Draft Pick - OL Charles Brown, USC

27. Dallas’ Ideal Draft Pick - WR Arrelious Benn, Illinois

28. San Diego’s Ideal Draft Pick - RB Toby Gerhart, Stanford

29. Jets’ Ideal Draft Pick - DL Dan Williams, Tennessee

30. Minnesota’s Ideal Draft Pick - TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma

31. Colts’ Ideal Draft Pick - OL Jan Asamoah, Illinois

32. Saints’ Ideal Draft Pick - DB Kyle Wilson, Boise State

*Although Washington recently traded for QB Donovan McNabb,’s routines determined that based on McNabb’s age and decreasing durability, Washington still has the highest need for a young Quarterback., a unique online sports simulation, provides the avenue for subscribers to compete against other people in dynasty franchise football seasons using customized game plans, team management, trading, salary cap management and a state-of-the-art Live Online Draft.’s NFL playoff predictions are for entertainment only and not for gambling purposes.