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SportSims Unveils Highly Anticipated Hall of Fame

Defiance, OH -, an online franchise football simulation website, announced today the release of the individual League Halls of Fame as well as a site-wide Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame highlights players that had exceptional careers in each franchise football league. With this new feature,’s players can see at a glance if one or more of their players has reached Hall of Fame status. To see if a player has made either list, click on the Hall of Fame from the league, or click on the Hall of Fame tab for the site-wide list.

League Halls of Fame highlight players in each individual league. These players and their performance is unique to the specific league. Top players from all leagues are listed on the site-wide Hall of Fame.

“We are very pleased to release this feature to highlight exceptional players,” said Steve Olson, president of “Our members have been anticipating the addition of a Hall of Fame and we’re happy to provide it.” is a unique online sports simulation that offers two professional franchise football simulation games. Members play an entire season of pro football in 28 days and perform front office duties from trades, to scouting, drafting and sending players to training camp as well as a full season of game coaching. offers two franchise football products, Salary Leagues and Classic Leagues, which received a 9-out-of-10 rating from For more about SportSims’ Franchise Football Simulations, log on to