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SportSims Updates Player Pool

Defiance, OH - July 12, 2010 -, an online franchise football simulation website, announced today the release of largest Player Pool update in the company’s history.

The Player Pool,’s database of all professional football players from 1950 through the 2009 football season, includes in-depth rankings of each individual player’s best season. draws from this Player Pool to create Live Draft lists, Free Agency lists and starting Rosters for every team on the website.

“We are very pleased to release this update to our Player Pool which will add new depth to our game,” said Steve Olson, president of “Our members have been anticipating the addition of new players from last season’s NFL teams.” added players like Calvin Johnson, WR, Detroit Lions; Lamar Woodley, LB, Pittsburgh Steelers; and Phillip Rivers, QB, San Diego Chargers to name just a few.

Additionally, updated players already in the Player Pool database to more accurately reflect their best-season performance. For example, Payton Manning’s previous best season was in 2004. After his performance in 2009, SportSims is now using his stats from that season as a base.

The largest change in the database was a readjustment of all players’ ratings who are currently in the Player Pool. The number of 100-rated players in’s game was not equivalent to the number of 100-rated players in the history of the NFL. To more accurately reflect the actual breadth of talent in the NFL, player ratings have been lowered.

Olson added, “We pride ourselves at SportSims at providing the most accurate franchise football simulation in the market. If that means making adjustments to continue to be an accurate simulation, we will do it. Giving our members the best game possible is what we do.” is a unique online sports simulation that offers two professional franchise football simulation games. Members play an entire season of pro football in 28 days and perform front office duties from trades, to scouting, drafting and sending players to training camp as well as a full season of game coaching. offers two franchise football products, Salary Leagues and Classic Leagues, which received a 9-out-of-10 rating from

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