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USS Hue City Sets Sail with SportSims


Mayport, Florida . . .  U.S.S. Hue City departs with 33 Officers, 27 Chief Petty Officers and more than 300 enlisted Navy team members and their own Football League. is contributing to the ship’s mission by donating free game play during the U.S.S. Hue City’s deployment.

The U.S.S. Hue City (CG-66), the first and only United States ship to be named after a battle of the Vietnam War, is the twentieth in the Ticonderoga Class of Aegis guided-missile cruisers.  The mission of the U.S.S. Hue City is to conduct prompt, sustained combat operations at sea in support of a carrier battle group or amphibious assault group.

While at sea, sailors on the U.S.S. Hue City play Dynasty Football during their ‘down’ time. founders, Steve and Cara Olson, and their development team provide a community, some camaraderie …and a little competition.  Steve says, “It’s a way for the crew to have a little fun and also keep in touch with family during their deployment.  Giving family members a break from worry even for a moment and allowing them to have fun -- just like they were in the room together -- is something we are thrilled to do.  After all, these men and women are the very reason we have our freedom.  It’s something the entire team is proud to be a small part of.”

Cara continues, “Every sports fan likes to ‘talk smack’ and in their Hue City League Forum on SportSims, even an enlisted sailor can give some good-natured grief to his commanding officer. Sailors can also leave individual messages for other team owners by using our SimSpeak feature - talking about results of their games, injured players or plans for future trades and draft picks.  We’re delighted that the sailors get so much joy out of the game.”  

The Olsons have taken their love for football and turned it into a website,, where sports fans gather to run their own Dynasty Football teams and compete against each other in 32-team leagues. It’s the ultimate website for football fans who have ever dreamed of owning or coaching a professional sports team.  For further information, log onto today.  Join a league or create your own with friends and compete in real time like the U.S.S. Hue City!