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Week 1 results

After analyzing the NFL teams before the start of the season, is currently tracking their Super Bowl contender ‘SportSims Super 32’, week by week. is tracking the strength of their SportSims Super 32 rankings by wins and losses. Depending on the rankings of the two teams that played, if the higher ranked team won the game, it is considered a win. After the first week of the season, is 12-3. One game was dismissed since stars were missing from the lineup on game day.

When researching historical NFL statistics, player performances and team make-up, identified the key elements in all Super Bowl teams throughout NFL history. discovered was that all successful teams require eight Pro-Bowl level star players in key positions: four on offense and four on defense. Using this information, ranked all 32 NFL teams based upon their chances of winning the Super Bowl.

This week’s results:
1. New England defeated 27. Buffalo
2. Dallas defeated 23. Tampa Bay
3. Pittsburgh defeated 8. Tennessee
4. Green Bay defeated 14. Chicago
5. San Diego defeated 17. Oakland
6. Minnesota defeated 31. Cleveland
7. New Orleans defeated 29. Detroit
8. Tennessee lost to 3. Pittsburgh
9. Miami lost to 24. Atlanta
10. New York Giants defeated 15. Washington
11. Indianapolis defeated 26. Jacksonville
12. Arizona lost to 19. San Francisco
13. Carolina lost to 18. Philadelphia
14. Chicago lost to 4. Green Bay
15. Washington lost to 10. New York Giants
16. Kansas City lost to 21. Baltimore*
17. Oakland lost to 5. San Diego
18. Philadelphia defeated 13. Carolina
19. San Francisco defeated 12. Arizona
20. Seattle defeated 32. St. Louis
21. Baltimore defeated 16. Kansas City*
22. New York Jets defeated 30. Houston
23. Tampa Bay lost to 2. Dallas
24. Detroit lost to 7. New Orleans
25. Denver defeated 28. Cincinnati
26. Jacksonville lost to 11. Indianapolis
27. Buffalo lost to 1. New England
28. Cincinnati lost to 25. Denver
29. Detroit lost to 7. New Orleans
30. Houston lost to 22. New York Jets
31. Cleveland lost to 6. Minnesota
32. St. Louis lost to 20. Seattle
* 16. Kansas City vs. 21. Baltimore was uncounted because Cassel (star QB) did not play., a unique online franchise football simulation, allows subscribers to compete against other people in dynasty football seasons using customized game plans, team management, trading and a state-of-the-art Live Draft.’s Super Bowl prediction is for entertainment only and not for gambling purposes.

Check back in subsequent weeks to track the projections.