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Who Will Win Super Bowl 43?

01/31/2009, an online dynasty football franchise simulation, uses its technologically advanced simulation engine to predict the Super Bowl and individual player performances. projects the results by simulating the upcoming game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals 100,000 times using the simulation engine from’s online Franchise Football game.’s SimEngine uses the actual stats from both teams and uses them to calculate each of the individual matchups in the game, producing the most accurate results possible., with a record of 15-6 predicting past Super Bowls, calculated that the Steelers will win the Super Bowl by a score of 20-14 over the Cardinals.

After 100,000 simulations, the Steelers win 52.5% of the time compared to the 47.5% that the Cardinals win. The average points scored: Pittsburgh-20.7, Arizona-17.3.

The Steelers build a 13-0 halftime lead and hold on to beat the Cardinals. The representative game reveals how the game will unfold. Willie Parker rushes for 119 yards and a touchdown and the Steelers hang on despite a huge showing by Arizona wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald, who catches seven passes for 136 yards and two TDs, including a 58-yard touchdown midway through the fourth quarter.

The real question in the game is Hines Ward since he suffered a knee injury in the AFC Championship game. According to David Holt of, “If Hines Ward does not play at 100%, the Cardinals have a real shot at an upset.”, a unique online sports simulation, allows subscribers to compete against other people in dynasty franchise football seasons using customized game plans, team management, trading and a state-of-the-art Live Draft.’s Super Bowl prediction is for entertainment only and not for gambling purposes.

Score by Quarter:
1st Quarter
PIT 7:19 FG Jeff Reed 39 yds 0-3
PIT 2:16 TD Willie Parker, 2 yd. run (Reed kick) 0-10
2nd Quarter
PIT 0:00 FG Jeff Reed 46 yards 0-13
3rd Quarter
ARI 5:28 TD Larry Fitzgerald 26 yd. pass from Warner (Rackers kick) 7-13
4th Quarter
PIT 9:20 TD Heath Miller, 1 yd. pass from Roethlisberger (Reed kick) 7-20
ARI 7:46 TD Larry Fitzgerald 58 yd. pass from Warner (Rackers kick) 14-20


ARI: Kurt Warner, 23-36 (63.9%) for 292 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT
PIT: Ben Roethlisberger, 15-25 (60.0%) for 213 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

ARI: T. Hightower, 9 Att, 30 yds., 0 TD
E. James, 12 Att, 22 yds., 0 TD
J. Arrington, 5 Att, 20 yds, 0 TD
K. Warner, 1 Att., 0 yds
PIT: W. Parker, 19 Att, 111 yds., 1 TD
G. Russell, 3 Att, 9 yds., 0 TD
M. Moore, 10 Att., 7 yds., 0 TD
B. Roethlisberger, 2 Att., 1 yd., 0 TD

ARI: L. Fitzgerald, 7 Rec., 136 yds., 2 TD
J. Urban, 3 Rec., 58 yds., 0 TD
A. Boldin, 8 Rec., 54 yds., 0 TD
S. Breaston, 3 Rec., 42 yds., 0 TD
T. Hightower, 1 Rec., 12 yds., 0 TD
E. James, 1 Rec., 3 yds., 0 TD
PIT: H. Ward, 4 Rec., 80 yds., 0 TD
S. Holmes, 4 Rec., 58 yds., 0 TD
N. Washington, 3 Rec., 33 yds., 0 TD
M. Moore, 1 Rec., 22 yds., 0 TD
H. Miller, 3 Rec., 20 yds., 1 TD