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Football MMO with You as Head Coach


Enjoy game day from the comfort of your armchair? Find yourself frustrated that the wrong play was called? Live and breathe football from virtually every angle? Then a Football MMO is right up your alley. SportSims has created the most in-depth football MMO on the Internet today.

We have all the vital stats on players from the start of football through the 2009 season. You take the role of head coach and proceed to create a strategy and draft the talent needed to win games. No more belly-aching about the wrong play called, because you are in control. See the results of your choices as each game is played.

With so much control over drafting, training, player contracts, play strategies, offensive and defensive formations; what more could you ask for? Well, besides 2010 stats, don't worry they're coming soon!

Claim the SimBowl and the bragging rights. Sign-up at SportSims and feed you need for football all year long.